Condensate Seal Pot / Auto-Drain Seal Pot


The condensate seal pot / auto-drain seal pot are used in the gas pipe lines to accumulate & drain the condensate, dust &other contaminants. When the condensate level rises in the pot, the float (with the bottom sealing arrangement) lifts & discharges the condensate along with dust & other contaminants. When the condensate has discharged the float falls immediately & seals the outlet nozzle.

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The auto-drain seal pots are mission critical& the float / bottom seal arrangement has to achieve the conflicting requirements of negative buoyancy & effective sealing. The operating pressure / temperature of the gas are used to design the various parameters of the auto-drain seal pot. Appropriate design & selection will help drive process performance.

The auto-drain seal pot is generally handling process gasses & is fabricated from high tensile strength carbon steel suitable for this application (stainless steel can also be used, if suitable). The composition of the process gases is used to identify if the provisions of NACE-MR-0103 are applicable. The float is fabricated from stainless steel grades & the bottom sealing is very effective due to use of high quality viton materials.

The auto-drain seal pot is ND tested to determine weld defects, if any. The seal pot is then hydro-tested at the desired test pressure ssfor a period of 30 minutes. No leakage / pressure drop is acceptable. The float / bottom sealing arrangement are tested by pouring fluid from the inlet. When adequate fluid accumulates in the seal pot, the float lifts (with the bottom sealing arrangement). When adequate fluid has discharged, the float falls & seals the outlet nozzle.