Edge / Segment Roller


L. H. & R. H. edge / segment roller assembly are used in the high temperature zone of the continuous caster. These rollers are used to guide the semi-solid slab which emerges from the furnace. Edge roll also contribute to cooling (by spraying water through nozzles) &forging effect.

L. H. edge roller assembly, R. H. edge roller assembly, Edge roller, Segment roller

The edge roller assembly is mission critical& operates in the high temperature zone. Edge rollers have to provide the cooling to semi-solid slab. The selection of the bearings is very critical as the assembly operates in the elevated temperature zone & without external lubrication.

The edge roller assembly has 4 rollers. One roller is fixed &the deflection of remaining 3 rollers can be adjusted individually. This adjustment is facilitated by means of a spring nest (constructed using high strength disc springs). The central element of the edge roller assembly is a roller support (machined to a high degree of accuracy). The rollers are suspended from it by means of forks & supporting brackets.The segment rollers are fabricated from stainless steel grades.

The rollers are ND tested in proof machined condition. The roller support is clamped on a test fixture (by means of high tensile bolts). The deflection of the fixed roller is adjusted by means of a shim pack. The deflection is then measured & should be within the stringent linear as well as geometric limits. Bearings used in the rollers should be rated for continuous operation at temperatures up to 250°C without lubrication (intermittent temperatures rating up to 350°C). The hydraulic circuit (used to spray water on the cast slabs through 5 set of flat jet spray nozzles) is leak tested. The segment rollers are heat treated & ground.

After all quality parameters are satisfactorily met, the roller assembly is painted with heat resisting paint. The segment rollers are coated with suitable grease. The rollers assemblies are then packed in individual sea-worthy wooden boxes (or as mutually agreed).