Leveler Roller


Leveler rollers are used in the CTL / blanking lines. These rollers are being utilized in heavy as well as light levelers (cut-to length line). The thickness of the coil handled varies from 0.2 mm to 16 mm & the width varies from 0.5 m to 3 m. The linear speed of the coil is up to 200 mpm.

Leveler roller, Work (pinch) roller, Intermediate roller, IMR roller, back-up roller.

The leveler rollers are mission critical & the barrel diameter of the rollers has to be controlled within very fine tolerances for effective functioning of the equipment. Besides this, these rollers are subject to two types of tilting forces. Proper control of barrel diameter will improve metal strip product quality.

The elasticity of the material is the key property to be considered for material selection. The suitable grades of alloy steel which can simultaneously meet the required combination of elasticity, toughness & surface hardness are used to manufacture these rollers.

The bars are ND tested (in proof machined condition) to determine surface / internal defects. The rollers are then subjected to the appropriate heat treatment cycles. The degree of surface hardness obtained after heat treatment is measured. The rollers are then ground to attain the fine tolerances (which ensure proper functioning).

After all quality parameters are satisfactorily met, a coat of anti-rust chemical is applied all over the roller. The entire roller is suitably wrapped with plastic paper / sleeve. The rollers are then packed in individual sea-worthy boxes (or as mutually agreed).